Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Web Primer on Ancestral Health

This message NbT's very own Colin sent to a friend as a primer about ancestral health lore. Hopefully you find it useful as well.

The Weston A. Price Foundation. These folks are the premier advocates in the United States - and perhaps around the world - for traditional diets comprised of whole foods, including fatty meat, seafood, vegetables, lard, full-fat dairy, and others. They have extensive scientific research to back up their claims. If you have any questions or want to know what my favorite articles on the site are, just let me know.

Whole Health Source. This is by far the most authoritative, objective, and scientifically rigorous blog about traditional foodways and health we know of. This guy's a Ph.D biochemist, and is currently conducting research on the body's fat regulation systems. He's very reputable in the online paleo/primal/traditional foods community as the go-to guy for scientific reportage.

If you're looking to lose weight, we suggest you read all 4 articles in this guy's Bodyfat Setpoint series. Pay special attention to the fourth setpoint article, which discusses strategies for reducing fat tissue. In this series, you'll learn about just how and why people get fat. You should also read this article to learn about the two main types of fat tissue. Also, see the following posts, which we believe are really important:

The second most influential blogger to me is Chris Kresser, the Healthy Skeptic. He has a fantastic series on "Perfect" Health that we recommend you check out in detail.
For Kresser's explanation of the phenomenon of weight gain & glucose intolerance (diabesity) and tips on how to reverse these conditions, see these posts:

Finally, if you want a cogent, rigorously well-packaged strategy kit for weight loss and optimal health, check out Mark Sisson's excellent website, Mark's Daily Apple. This guy's a 100% low-carb, high-fat diet proponent.

Click here to get started.
Focus on what he has to say about diet, exercise, weight loss, and health. (Also know that we don't agree with this guy when he says that starch is usually bad for you. We feel that for people with healthy metabolisms, a fair amount of healthful starches like white rice and yams is preferable and healthful. But for weight loss, eliminating it entirely is the way to go.)
Those success stories should give you an idea of how eating Mark's way can lead to immediate results.

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